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Quality policy: production safety and stability, quality reliable, commit to continuous improvement, to meet customers’ demands.

Quality targets:
1、 Product quality objective: the first qualified rate of products is above 98%.
2、 Service quality objective: customer satisfaction is above 90%.

Commitment to quality:
We make the following solemn commitment to the customer: we will be strict to implement ISO9001:2008 quality management system requirements, to ensure that the behaviors which violate the quality policy and target will be strongly resisted. We will not let the unqualified products to be delivered. With the qualified products and the perfect after-sales service make the customers satisfied.
· The equipments offered:
The guarantee measures: The use of advanced production equipments such as precision CNC lathes, machining centers and other equipments, coordinate measuring machine, roughness and profile measuring instrument, high and low pressure inspecting machine and other precision measuring equipments (most of them are made in Japan). So we can rely on these equipments to ensure product quality in production, reduced factitious adverse factors.
· Quality control:
The company has many excellent workers, through their independent inspection, quality inspection and quality assurance of the system (Such as: evaluation of new product tracking system, visual operation instructions), the qualified rate of product can be guaranteed at a higher level.
· Corrective / preventive measures:
Aiming at the bad point, make all kinds of statistical analysis, investigation, improvement measures, and formulate actions to prevent recurrence. In the related conference instruct relevant departments to focus on improving.
· The customer satisfaction evaluation system:
Based on "customer satisfaction" assessment, to understand the requirements of customers for products and services requirements, constantly improve our product quality. "Customer satisfaction" continuously improves.
· Establish ISO9001:2008 quality assurance system
Through the internal audit of ISO9001:2008 quality assurance system, management review and execute the PDCA cycle, enhance the company in all aspects of market competition ability.